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If the punk rockers in Bad Religion had met a group of hippies in the eighties, Hurriah would be their offspring. Sweet melodies in the likes of Ramones mix with the heaviness of bands like Red Fang and Kyuss. The music is dynamic, groovy and intense.

In January 2016, the debut album “Cosmosotic” was released. The record was recorded in the drummer’s mother’s basement solely by the band. Slower tempos interspersed with faster ones were the common thread is a tight rhythm section. In an attempt to revive qualitative music, the album was released for free with a pay what you want option.

Cosmosotic Digital Download
Super slick psychedelic rock music with hooks on top of vicious razor riffs on top of beautifully crafted lyrics and wonderfully harmonic vocals perpetuating a sonic experience of primal fury coated in polymer precision and encased in high impact imagination.
Not our words. Heavy Planet said that though about our debut record "Cosmosostic". This is a product of many man-hours of pure labor, the good kind. The kind of labor that delivers a baby, and this certainly is our baby.   Tracklist:
  1. Septentrio
  2. Hurriahkya
  3. Coral Castle
  4. Le MaÎtre
  5. Lost In Haze
  6. Dirt and Downers
  7. Sleepwalker
  8. Meredies
  9. Ninja Enigma
  10. Sail Away
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High Fidelity
High Fidelity
High Fidelity design screen printed on black Anvil fashion fit tee. Weighs 150 grams and is made with 100 % cotton.
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Mother Sky
Mother Sky Digital Download
The EP that started it all. Recorded with a massive budget of nothing and with the wrong microphones, because someone went on tour with the keys to the mic-renting facility. Nonetheless, we had great fun making this record.   Tracklist:
  1. Precarious Entity
  2. Crossing the Ocean
  3. Las Brujas Malvadas
  4. Mother Sky
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